Mong Kok
Tea Room

In the mind of many Hong Kong people, drinking tea means little more than going to a dim sum restaurant, ordering a pot of pu’er to wash down all the bite-sized delicacies. But with the recent arrivals of tea rooms dedicated to the appreciation of the beverage, our taste buds are opened to a beautiful new world.

The practice of yum cha tea drinking, which has been an integral part Hong Kong’s cultural history, has evolved in past decades. Providing more than just tea and refreshment, tea houses also had an important social function as a place where people could develop guanxi relationships, exchange news and ideas, and conduct business.

A traditional musical band takes the stage nightly at Mong Kok, which also offers a lively ambiance and a good selection of classic pub food. The club has happy hour specials and an snacks menu that showcases culinary favorites like meat pie and mashed potatoes with onion gravy. The noise levels are pretty high, but this is all part of the fun at Mong Kok, this is a Hong Kong classic.


We have lunch menu and drink menu. Both of them can bring you a enjoyable moments with delicious food.

Whenever you want to hang out with buddies during the workweek, our signature drinks and snacks are always available.